The Pulse of Financial Close and Consolidation

Sponsored by Fluence Technologies

  • Join BPM’s Craig Schiff and a panel of experts to get your finger on the pulse of financial close and consolidation, why it’s critical to get it right, how technology can help you do it, and the results you should expect across your business.
  • CPE Credits: 1.0
  • Speaker(s): Guy Menard, VP Operations, Fluence Technologies; Harjot Gai, Co-Founder and COO, Delbridge Solutions; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: October 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Key topics covered:

  • Hear what over 450 finance leaders think about financial consolidation and how to get it done right
  • See examples of common misconceptions about the value, complexity, and availability of modern consolidation software
  • Recognize how to tell if your business needs consolidation software, and the results you should expect from it
  • Determine process and technology best practices from quantitative research and consolidation case studies
  • Identify essential features of today’s top-rated consolidation software solutions

Why Your Organization Should Unify Planning and Analytics

Sponsored by Acterys

  • The event will feature demonstrations and real-life case studies on how some of the world’s leading organizations have realized significant process and cost-savings benefits by unifying analytics and planning.
  • Speaker(s): Martin Kratky, CEO Acterys; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2021
  • Duration: 66 minutes
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Key topics to be covered:

  • Why integrating planning and analytics processes is key
  • How a unified platform helps enterprises rapidly respond to change
  • How to utilize write-back enabled, 3-way forecasting and driver-based planning within Power BI
  • How a global organization cut forecasting time from 4 weeks to 3 hours (customer case study)

Integrated Planning: Are You Ready For What’s Next?

Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer

  • Join us for an engaging discussion on what comes next for uniting financial and operational planning, the challenges that lay ahead and how your organization can take advantage of the technologies, such as Predictive Intelligence within the finance function.
  • Speaker(s): Rob Honens, CCH Tagetik and Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • This Webcast is No Longer Available

Executive Summary:

The Office of Finance has had a crazy couple of years between re-forecasting, re-planning, and re-organizing their businesses in the moment, while also keeping a pulse on the future. The market trend is that CFOs are now expected to be more strategic, providing insights and not just numbers. Thus, increasing the need for greater agility, continuous forecasting, scenario modeling, ad hoc reporting and analysis and accelerating the adoption of new finance systems. We will cover:

  • Industry leaders’ perspective: Where is finance headed
  • Challenges that lay ahead and how to overcome them
  • How to take advantage and factor predictive capabilities into your processes and systems

The Pulse of Performance Management 2022 – Transform, Extend, Evolve

  • Now in its 19th year, this annual web event will quickly get you and your team up to speed on everything important happening in budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, reporting, and analytics.
  • See the 2022 BPM Partners’ Core Vendor list, Best New Vendor for 2022, BPM Pulse customer satisfaction ratings, and the 5th Annual BPM Pulse Awards.
  • Speaker(s): Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Two live webcast attendees will be selected to receive a NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System
  • Live Broadcast: June 8, 2022 2:00 pm EDT
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

Today almost all FP&A groups are making significant changes, but each at their own pace.  Some are part of a broad finance transformation initiative, others are focused on extending planning and analysis into operations, still others are simply evolving from static FP&A processes to more dynamic ones. How do you decide which approach is right for you? In addition, consolidation capabilities are growing in importance and showing up everywhere. Is it time for your organization to modernize your consolidation approach? Also included:

  • New for 2022: An expanded analysis of operational planning – what companies are specifically looking for, and what the vendors are actually offering
  • New for 2022: How to tell consolidation solutions apart – focused vs. comprehensive vs. non-existent
  • New for 2022: Customer interest and vendor support for new areas of focus such as ESG reporting and analysis
  • As always, the key vendors to consider for your performance management project will be identified and reviewed based on their core, specialized, and advanced functionality, latest enhancements, market success, and customer satisfaction

How to Choose the Right FP&A Solution for Your Business

Sponsored by Unit4

  • A through discussion of the methodology and best practices to follow when selecting a new FP&A solution to make sure you get it right the first time. Key features to look for in a modern system will be covered as well.
  • Participants: Oliver Sullivin, Unit4; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: May 2021
  • Duration: 40 minutes
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Executive Summary:

If you want to know if an FP&A solution can boost budgeting and forecasting, integrate source systems, or make your day-to-day easier, you’re in the right place. Join  Craig Schiff as he discusses what’s involved in finding the right FP&A solution for you and how to get it right the first time. Looking at everything from evaluation processes, the risks involved, to the big reasons  mistakes happen, and how you can avoid them.

An Agile Approach to Budgeting and Forecasting: Pros & Cons

Sponsored by Place Technology 

  • A Roundtable Discussion: Most Businesses Rely on Static Budgets & Forecasts To Manage Performance. Is There A Better Way?
  • Participants: Brandon Metcalf, Founder & CEO, Place Technology; Rob Bruce, Strategic Consultant; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners; Michael Lehman, Interim COO, UW-Madison
  • Originally Broadcast: March 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

You plan your budget and forecast based on past performance and expected outcomes. But that’s never enough for a truly accurate forecast.  Invariably, unforeseen challenges and opportunities arise that that require finance teams to change course. Enter an Agile Approach to Budgeting & Forecasting: dynamic forecasting and budgeting informed by real-time, transaction-level data.  Sounds great – but is it attainable for all businesses?

How to Power Your Digital Finance Transformation

Sponsored by Vena 

  • Hear a lively discussion on the necessity for Finance transformation, the challenges, and steps to take to move forward successfully.
  • This is part 2 of a 2-part series. View part 1 here.
  • Speaker(s): Nicole Diceman, Director – Product Marketing, Rishi Grover, Co-founder, Vena; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: February 2021
  • Duration: 30 minutes
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Executive Summary:

Today, more companies are looking at technology to improve their financial and operational processes. In this talk we discuss how companies can best facilitate that.

Top 9 Finance and Technology Trends for Financial Institutions in 2021

Sponsored by Syntellis Performance Solutions 

  • Hear nine key findings from Syntellis’ Financial Institutions Finance and Technology Trends report, developed from a survey of 185 finance leaders from banks and credit unions
  • See how these results compare to BPM Partners’ Pulse cross-industry research and FI client experience
  • Speaker(s): John Kim, Senior Director – Product Management, Syntellis Performance Solutions; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: February 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

In today’s volatile environment, it is critical to understand how your institution can respond to change —running scenarios to reflect varying interest rates and other business conditions and having corresponding plans in place to stay nimble and mitigate risk. Yet only 38% of financial institutions plan to use scenario analysis in 2021.

How the Events of 2020 are Impacting Planning and Analytics in 2021 and Beyond

Sponsored by OneStream Software 

  • Learn how to ensure your planning and forecasting process has the agility needed to help your organization lead at speed.
  • See the phases of FP&A evolution and where your company stands.
  • Speaker(s): Scott Stern, Senior Director Product Marketing, OneStream Software; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners; John O’Rourke, VP, Product Marketing, OneStream Software
  • Originally Broadcast: January 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

The global pandemic and disruption it caused created planning and forecasting challenges for every organization. What lies ahead in 2021 and how can your organization be better prepared for the recovery and the next potential disruption?

Transforming Finance-Led Processes for Growth

Sponsored by Vena 

  • View a panel discussion on the benefits of integrating financial and operational planning, as well as what’s needed to accomplish this.
  • This is part 1 of a 2-part series. View part 2 here.
  • Speaker(s): Nicole Diceman, Director – Product Marketing, Rishi Grover, Co-founder, Vena; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: January 2021
  • Duration: 30 minutes
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Executive Summary:

Learn how your finance team can become the driving force behind dynamic, fully integrated business planning.