The Pulse of Performance Management 2024 – The Expansion of Performance Management

  • This is the 21st edition of our annual web event designed to quickly get you and your team up to speed on everything important happening in budgeting, financial planning, forecasting, operational planning, consolidation and close, financial and operational reporting, ESG planning and reporting, AI, and analytics.
  • See the 2024 BPM Partners’ Core Vendor list, Best New Vendor for 2024, BPM Pulse customer satisfaction ratings, and the 7th Annual BPM Pulse Awards.
  • We will examine the expansion of AI, the expansion of operational solutions, and the expansion of consolidation offerings.
  • The impact of recent acquisitions, investments, and major new vendor releases will be discussed as well.
  • Speaker: Craig Schiff, CEO and Lead Analyst, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: June 12, 2024
  • Duration: 62 minutes
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Executive Summary:

The past 12 months have been a time of expansion in performance management (BPM/CPM/EPM/FP&A Systems, Extended Planning and Analysis). Some vendors expanded the suite of components they offer, others expanded the capabilities of their existing components, several expanded the uses cases they address, many expanded the integration of AI functionality into their platforms, and several expanded their global reach. In parallel, almost all vendors also focused on ease of use enhancements and expanding their customer success programs. The result is a robust marketplace of performance management solutions for companies of all sizes, across all industries to choose from. We will cover:

  • The impact of Anaplan’s acquisition of Fluence Technologies on this market
  • Vendor plans for generative AI
  • The latest operational planning solutions being delivered by vendors
  • Top priorities of your peers for financial planning, operational planning, consolidation, analytics, AI and reporting
  • As always, the key vendors to consider for your small, midmarket or enterprise performance management project will be identified and reviewed based on their core, specialized, and advanced functionality, latest enhancements, market success, and customer satisfaction