The Pulse of Performance Management 2023 – Integrated, Intelligent, Intuitive

  • This is the 20th Anniversary edition of our annual web event designed to quickly get you and your team up to speed on everything important happening in budgeting, financial planning, forecasting, operational planning, consolidation and close, financial and operational reporting, ESG planning and reporting, AI, and analytics.
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  • Speaker: Craig Schiff, CEO and Lead Analyst, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: June 2023
  • Duration: 63 minutes
  • The recording of this event is no longer available for replay.
  • Learn more about the vendors covered during this webcast in our Vendor Landscape Matrix report.
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Executive Summary:

Today it’s not enough for BPM/CPM/EPM/FP&A Systems to just meet your basic business requirements. Modern solutions must integrate financial, operational, and strategic planning as well as seamlessly connect with a growing number of source systems. To improve accuracy as well as reduce errors today’s solutions need to leverage both financial intelligence (a built-in understanding of income and expense, asset and liability, balance and flow) as well as Artificial Intelligence (for data quality, predictive capabilities, insights, automation, and more). The best solutions do all of this while also managing to be intuitive to use, which is what users tell us they are actually looking for when they say that ease-of-use is their top priority. We will discuss all of these topics in more detail during the webcast. Also included:

  • An update on priorities for operational/extended planning, and who should oversee this expansion
  • How current economic conditions are impacting requirements priorities for the next 12 months
  • The changing landscape of consolidation and close solutions
  • New for 2023: A look at time to payback for leading solutions
  • As always, the key vendors to consider for your performance management project will be identified and reviewed based on their core, specialized, and advanced functionality, latest enhancements, market success, and customer satisfaction