A Strong ROI Case for Finance Transformation

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  • Finance transformation projects can and should have a high ROI, as we’ll demonstrate through several cost savings/benefit scenarios in this whitepaper.
  • Author: BPM Partners
  • Date: February 2022
  • Pages: 15
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Executive Summary:

Finance leaders struggle to balance increasing demands for finance function support with decreasing finance function budgets. As a result, 65% of finance teams are currently undergoing or planning a finance transformation effort. Even in the midmarket, more than 60% of companies have engaged in related projects. These initiatives are a combination of software modernization and process reengineering that aims to make planning and analysis more dynamic, frequent, forward-looking, collaborative, participatory, and inclusive of operations. In addition, manual processes are automated and streamlined which reduces errors, speeds up financial cycles, and leaves more time and resources available for analysis.