Why Your Organization Should Unify Planning and Analytics

Sponsored by Acterys

  • The event will feature demonstrations and real-life case studies on how some of the world’s leading organizations have realized significant process and cost-savings benefits by unifying analytics and planning.
  • Speaker(s): Martin Kratky, CEO Acterys; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2021
  • Duration: 66 minutes
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Key topics to be covered:

  • Why integrating planning and analytics processes is key
  • How a unified platform helps enterprises rapidly respond to change
  • How to utilize write-back enabled, 3-way forecasting and driver-based planning within Power BI
  • How a global organization cut forecasting time from 4 weeks to 3 hours (customer case study)

The Data Foundation Your CPM Initiative Needs to Succeed

Sponsored by DataRails

  • Crucial to the success of every BPM/CPM/EPM solution is a solid and well-conceived data foundation, which helps establish and maintain one authoritative set of numbers to give credibility to forecasts, budgets, reports and analysis.
  • Author: BPM Partners
  • Date: August 2021
  • Pages: 11
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Executive Summary:

Companies preparing for a CPM project to upgrade their FP&A, often confront the obstacle of an incomplete or poorly built data foundation. Data quality issues and information siloes are common, data transformations may be difficult, and manual processes for accumulating information typically need to be replaced. Without a proper data foundation, different business units may disagree on which version of the truth is the correct one, and the organization will struggle to agree on performance outcomes and metrics. Lack of trust in the numbers will hinder decision-making.

Integrated Planning: Are You Ready For What’s Next?

Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer

  • Join us for an engaging discussion on what comes next for uniting financial and operational planning, the challenges that lay ahead and how your organization can take advantage of the technologies, such as Predictive Intelligence within the finance function.
  • Speaker(s): Rob Honens, CCH Tagetik and Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • This Webcast is No Longer Available

Executive Summary:

The Office of Finance has had a crazy couple of years between re-forecasting, re-planning, and re-organizing their businesses in the moment, while also keeping a pulse on the future. The market trend is that CFOs are now expected to be more strategic, providing insights and not just numbers. Thus, increasing the need for greater agility, continuous forecasting, scenario modeling, ad hoc reporting and analysis and accelerating the adoption of new finance systems. We will cover:

  • Industry leaders’ perspective: Where is finance headed
  • Challenges that lay ahead and how to overcome them
  • How to take advantage and factor predictive capabilities into your processes and systems