Why Integrated Planning Has Become Essential

Sponsored by deFacto Global 

  • Learn how integrated planning dramatically enhances performance management.
  • See demos of customer use case examples.
  • Understand the capabilities to look for in an integrated planning solution.
  • Speaker(s): Anthony D’Anna, Financial Performance Management, Mike Marotta, Operational Performance Management, deFacto Global; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: October 2020
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

Integrated Planning, defined as the ability to manage both financial and operational performance across an organization using a single tool, has been the Holy Grail of the Business Performance Management industry since its inception. Thanks to advances in the use of SaaS and big data technology, Integrated Planning is coming of age. This technology evolution is well-timed since the use cases Integrated Planning can support have become even more critical today.

Why Not Me? Improving Management Reporting for the Midmarket

Sponsored by Fluence Technologies 

  • How to recognize signs that a formal approach to consolidations/management reporting is needed.
  • How to manage complexities such as currency translation, non-controlling interest and minority ownership, intercompany eliminations, multi-stakeholder/multi-GAAP reporting, internal management reporting, external board reporting and regulatory reporting/filings.
  • Speaker(s): Guy Menard, VP of Operations, Fluence Technologies; Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2020
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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Executive Summary:

Improving management reporting is a top requirement for most companies. This capability is dependent on reliable and accurate actual data supplied on a timely basis by a robust consolidation solution. Consolidations for mid-market enterprise are more important than ever as companies look for more insight at the entity level and an expedited close to get a better sense of how they’re performing.