Lessons from SaaS Leaders – Aligning Your Budget to Changing Business Goals

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  • Your long-range plan has been rethought and your revenue targets set. But how can you orchestrate a budget for the next fiscal that will help you maintain growth when resources are tight and ongoing disruption means your plans could change on a dime?
  • Speaker(s): Steve Player, Principal Consultant, BPM Partners/Future Ready Finance; Harjot Ghai, COO, Delbridge Solutions; Chris Ortega, CEO, Fresh FP&A
  • Originally Broadcast: September 2022
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Executive Summary:

During this panel discussion you will learn how to:

  • Optimize cash flow against strategic priorities
  • Drive business-wide alignment on budget requests and priorities against revenue targets
  • Alleviate tension caused by gaps between your bottom-up and long-range plans
  • Design compensation plans that will motivate behaviors aligned with strategy
  • Set the groundwork for an agile, ongoing planning process