Frozen in Time

As performance management vendors introduce new  products, especially new cloud products, owners of older versions need to carefully consider their continued investment and reliance on their soon to be ‘frozen in time’ products.

by Craig Schiff

As the areas addressed by business performance management have expanded, existing performance management products have struggled to keep pace. For this reason many vendors have introduced newly architected replacements. In addition, the vendors actively involved in recent merger and acquisition activity found themselves with overlapping and redundant products. As replacements and new functionality intertwine, the byproduct is often a graveyard of dead products. While vendor strategy and user reaction will vary, we can identify good approaches  and those less so.

Let’s look at the vendors first. At some point in time, every vendor needs to take a leap to a new product. This is different than the normal release process that is largely about bug fixes and new enhancements. Dramatic technology changes, major new areas of functionality or acquisitions often create the need for redesign and replacement. While this is usually the right thing to do to stay competitive in the marketplace, it’s not without its major challenges.

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