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Deployment and Engagement Management Services

Once you have purchased your ideal solution the real work begins. Getting the implementation right is critical to the ultimate success of your performance management initiative. Our seasoned performance management project managers know the steps to a successful implementation and will work with your team to lay out and manage to the right project plan. Our designers, who speak your business language, can translate your requirements into an optimum system design. They then work closely with the technical implementation team (the vendor’s consultants, a third-party, or BPM Partners’ selected implementation team), the software vendor, IT, Finance, business unit heads, subject matter experts, and senior management to make sure the project stays on track, on budget, and achieves its objectives.

Engagement Management Service Packs

We will leverage our years of experience across thousands of performance management projects to keep your implementation and rollout on track and focused on delivering on its goals. Our services will include providing input and feedback on the functional design, resource allocation, timeline, and overseeing teams and project managers from IT, Finance, the business units, the vendor, and the implementation consultants.

Ideal for:

Large, complex projects with many contributors and stakeholders, projects with tight timeframes, or simply companies with limited availability of senior project management resources.

Product Implementation Services

To maintain our vendor neutrality we do not implement products ourselves. We have partnered with a leading third-party implementation firm to provide this service for our clients. Implementation experts are available for all of the major performance management products. Information gathered by BPM Partners during the vendor selection phase of the project is made available to the implementers to streamline the process.

Ideal for:

Companies looking for cost-effective and experienced performance management focused implementers that understand finance as well as technology, integrated with BPM Partners other services.

System Optimization Services

Once an application is up and running you may find that it did not achieve its original objectives. In some cases your requirements may have evolved while the system did not. In a one-day system review workshop we examine the gap between where a system is and where you need it to be. Our experts will then produce a report outlining the steps required to achieve the desired result with minimal disruption and cost.

Ideal for:

Companies who have considered replacing their system because it is not living up to expectations or has failed to keep pace with changing requirements.

Expert Consultation

Experience our services firsthand to see the value they can bring to your performance management project, while at the same time getting your key questions answered. Learn more or schedule your free session.

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