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The Next BPM Requirement: Ease of Use

Key to Adoption and Utilization

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast - October 22, 2015

This webcast will include the following information:

  • The different meanings of ease of use in BPM and why familiarity is not the same thing
  • The significant impact on user buy-in and rollout success if this key aspect is overlooked
  • Evaluating ease of use in product selection - what to look for
  • Comparison of BPM Pulse ease of use customer satisfaction ratings for several leading vendors

What's New in Performance Management

Hosted by Institute of Management Accountants

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast October 7, 2015

Utilizing BPM Partners most current research this webcast will examine:

  • The growing importance of cloud, mobile, and Big Data technologies in performance management and how it may impact your own initiatives in this area
  • The steps peer organizations are taking to enhance budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and consolidation
  • What advances are expected next in performance management

Maximizing Your Bank's Profitability with Performance Management

Hosted by Bank Administration Institute

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast June 24, 2015

This webcast will cover the following key topics:

  • Profitability planning and analysis
  • Regulatory reporting and analysis, including DFAST and CCAR
  • Integrated balance sheet planning
  • Planning and modeling the entire P&L including interest rates, spreads, etc.

The Pulse of Performance Management 2015:

What You Need to Know to Improve Budgeting, Consolidation, and Reporting

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast May 28, 2015

Now in its 12th year, this annual web event will quickly get you and your team up to speed on everything important happening in budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, reporting, and analytics. This information will enable you to confidently embark on a new performance management project, or identify opportunities to enhance an existing one. To help maximize your success this webcast will highlight the following:

  • Key trends that will impact your project
  • Plans and priorities of peer organizations to benchmark your project against
  • Cloud, mobile, and Big Data considerations for performance management projects
  • BPM Partners' list of 'core vendors' for 2015 with customer satisfaction ratings

Insider's Guide to Accelerating FP&A:

Key Steps to Improving Planning and Management Reporting

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast April 15, 2015

This webcast will utilize BPM Partners' research and field experience to outline key steps to enable you to:

  • Drive enhanced planning agility and frequency
  • Improve management reporting
  • Facilitate greater collaboration throughout the process
  • Support end user self-sufficiency

Leveraging Excel for Enterprise Grade Performance Management:

Address the Limitations of Spreadsheets and Reduce Costs

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast March 24, 2015

Learn what Excel requires to become a key element of a robust performance management solution. Attendees will also view a live demo demonstrating how to:

  • Utilize existing spreadsheet models
  • Quickly and easily perform multi-dimensional analysis
  • Create and share custom reports
  • Reduce dependence on IT

(no registration required)

Big Data Finance:

Unlocking the Door to a New World of Business Planning

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast March 5, 2015

This webcast will examine the intersection of performance management and Big Data. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify 2015's Big Data trends that are impacting Finance
  • Employ the best solutions for unlocking the value of Big Data Finance
  • Establish a collaborative approach to organizational planning
  • Uncover drivers of business performance and predict future outcomes

Optimizing Spreadsheet Performance for Planning and Reporting

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast February 19, 2015

Featuring a customer case study: Marks & Spencer

The Pulse of Performance Management 2014:

What You Need to Know About BPM Applications, Technologies, and Vendors

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast May 29, 2014

This annual web event will provide you with the information and strategies you need to confidently take the next steps with your budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, reporting, or analytics initiative. Whether you are still in research mode, have already rolled out a system, or are anywhere in between this webcast will include information that will enable you to maximize your success. This webcast will highlight the following:

  • Core vendors for 2014 and their customer satisfaction ratings
  • Best new vendor of the year
  • What users of cloud-based performance management see as the real pros and cons
  • Latest trends in predictive analytics, collaboration, data visualization, and mobile from the BPM Pulse survey and how they may impact your performance management project
  • The new focus on execution and what it means in terms of product capabilities


After watching the replay you can ask questions/leave comments here: Q&A

Improving Performance Management: The Essential Ingredients

An APQC Financial Management Community Event

Replay Now Available - Originally Broadcast May 24, 2012

This webcast covered the following topics:

  • Why and how to integrate the full range of BPM processes, which include financial and operational planning, consolidation, reporting and KPI monitoring;
  • How to ensure that the information going into a BPM system (and how it is presented and packaged) is relevant to current organizational needs;
  • How to effectively measure the right metrics and KPIs and help business leaders achieve corporate objectives.

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Prior Webcasts

Although replays are no longer available, BPM Partners can include the content of these sessions in a BPM Master Class delivered on-site.

Budgeting and Forecasting for Midmarket Companies:

When and How to Make the Move from Spreadsheet-Only Solutions

Originally Broadcast October 9th, 2013

The Pulse of Performance Management 2013:

What You Need to Know for Budgeting, Reporting, and Consolidation Success

Originally Broadcast April 25, 2013

Don't Get Left Behind

Why It's Time to Replace Spreadsheet Budgeting

Originally Broadcast October 23, 2012

Turn on a Dime

Leveraging a Unified Financial Model for Agility and Growth

Originally Broadcast May 2, 2012

The Pulse of Performance Management 2012:

Key Vendors and Essential Strategies for Your Budgeting, Planning, Reporting, and Consolidation Systems

Originally Broadcast April 24, 2012

Better Budgeting and Planning

Leading the Charge Toward Agility

Originally Broadcast November 3, 2011

Making Collaboration Work in Financial Consolidation and Disclosure

Reducing Risks and Costs

Originally Broadcast October 27, 2011

Performance Management to Maximize Financial Institution Profitability

Included: 5 Common Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

Originally Broadcast August 18, 2011

Reduce Time, Costs, and Risks

In Financial Consolidation and Disclosure Management Processes

Originally Broadcast April 13, 2011

The Strategic Need to Automate the Last Mile of Finance

Originally Broadcast March 31, 2011

Beyond the Hype 2011

Achieving The Holy Grail of Performance Management

Originally Broadcast on January 20, 2011

Collaborative Disclosure Management

All About Filling the Gap

Originally Broadcast November 23, 2010

Virtual Roundtable: Emerging Trends in Finance

Originally Broadcast June 29 , 2010

Beyond the Hype 2010: The Importance of Performance Management

How to Get More Performance Management for Less Cost and Risk

Originally Broadcast January 21, 2010

World-class Performance Management

Not Just for the Fortune 500

Originally Broadcast September 22, 2009

How to Use BPM to Drive Profitability and Cost Optimization

Originally Broadcast July 30, 2009

The Hidden Secrets of Performance Dashboard Success

Originally Broadcast May 20, 2009

Getting Results from BPM: A Guide for Energy Professionals

Originally Broadcast May 19, 2009

Operational Performance Management Using SaaS

Originally Broadcast May 12, 2009

Beyond the Hype 2009

An Unbiased Review of BPM Vendors, Trends and Customer Satisfaction

Originally Broadcast January 22, 2009

Strategic Financial Consolidation Process

Reduce the Cycle Time

Originally Broadcast November 12, 2008

The CFO's Guide to Unified and Open Performance Management

Understanding the Value of these Critical Success Factors

Originally Broadcast October 21, 2008

Spreadsheet Chaos to Integrated BPM Application

Six Steps to Success

Originally Broadcast September 23, 2008

IFRS Readiness: Preparing for the Inevitable

Proactive First Steps for the 2009 Deadline

Originally Broadcast September 11, 2008

Moving from Legacy Business Intelligence to Optimized BPM

Challenges, Benefits, and Tips for Upgrading Your BI Platform

Originally Broadcast July 16, 2008

Strategic Budgeting

Aligning Budgets to Business Performance Planning

Originally Broadcast June 17, 2008

Proactive Performance Management

Budgeting and Planning that Yields Results

Originally Broadcast June 12, 2008

Frequent Forecasting

For Improved Business Performance

Originally Broadcast April 8 , 2008

A CFO's Guide to Analytics

A Business Finance Influencers Webcast

Originally Broadcast April 3, 2008

Practical BPM

The Essential Guide

Originally Broadcast February 12, 2008

Beyond the Hype 2008

The Annual Unbiased Guide to BPM Vendors, Trends, and Customer Satisfaction

Includes: Inaugural BPM Partners Vendor Landscape Matrix, List of "Core" Vendors for 2008 and 2008 BPM Pulse Survey Satisfaction Ratings
Originally Broadcast January 15, 2008

The Evolution of Corporate Performance Management

The Trend Toward Unified Management of Financial and Operational Processes

Originally Broadcast November 29, 2007

How Finance Teams Can Achieve New Levels of Success in 2008

Best Practices of Top-Performing Finance Teams

Originally Broadcast November 6, 2007

Best Practices in Performance Management Implementations

Learn from the Experts

Originally Broadcast October 25, 2007

Critical Performance Management Components for SMBs

Why You Need More than Excel for Budgeting, Planning, and Reporting

Originally Broadcast September 26, 2007

The Transition from Spreadsheet Budgets

SMBs Making the Move

Originally Broadcast September 12, 2007

How Integrated Financial Compliance Lowers the Cost of SOX

The Convergence of Performance Management and GRC

Originally Broadcast July 12, 2007

Virtual Finance Forum

Virtual Conference and Exhibition for Finance Executives

Originally Broadcast June 19, 2007

Transform Your Planning

Success Stories from Mid-Market Companies

Originally Broadcast June 19, 2007

Integrated BI and BPM for the Mid-Enterprise

Featured Case Study: Denver Water

Originally Broadcast April 24, 2007

Predictive Performance Management

Featured Case Study: Wachovia

Originally Broadcast April 10, 2007

Budgeting Best Practices Series

Moving from Spreadsheets to a Performance Management System

Originally Broadcast February 20, 2007

Beyond the Hype 2007

Fifth Annual Unbiased Review of BPM Vendors and Trends

Originally Broadcast January 18, 2007

BPM Benchmarking: A Webcast Event

How Do Your Budgeting and Forecasting Processes Stack Up?

Originally Broadcast December 5, 2006

The Next Generation of Performance Management

The Road to Becoming a Predictable Enterprise

Originally Broadcast November 15, 2006

Predictive Analytics 101

What It Is  and How It Can Improve Your Business Performance

Originally Broadcast October 18, 2006

Performance Management 2.0

Beyond the Basics

Originally Broadcast September 27, 2006

Taking BPM to the Next Level

GE Healthcare's Formula for Extending BPM Beyond Financial Planning

Originally Broadcast September 26, 2006

Simple Steps for Improving This Year's Budgeting Process

A Webcast

Originally Broadcast June 20, 2006

BPM Revealed: The Naked Truth About Implementation

A Business Finance Influencers Webcast

Originally Broadcast May 23, 2006

Critical Steps to Automating BPM in the Professional Services Industry

Focus on Budgeting and Planning

Originally Broadcast May 10, 2006

Aligning Sales Performance with Strategic Objectives

Through Incentive Compensation

Originally Broadcast April 26, 2006

From Performance Management to Predictable Performance

Powering the Predictable Enterprise

Originally Broadcast April 13, 2006

Driving Revenue Goals While Efficiently Using Human Capital

With Driver-Based Budgeting

Originally Broadcast April 5, 2006

Best Practices in Selecting Performance Management Software

Key Steps to Identifying the Ideal Solution

Originally Broadcast March 22, 2006

Chart of Accounts Standardization

Mastering Financial Meta Data

Originally Broadcast March 14, 2006

Beyond the Hype 2006

An Unbiased Look at BPM Vendors and Trends

Originally Broadcast January 19, 2006

Best Practices in Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting

Convert an Annual Headache into a Competitive Advantage

Originally Broadcast November 10, 2005

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Budgeting And Planning

An Expert Panel Discussion

Originally Broadcast November 2, 2005

Jumpstart Your BPM Initiative with Portal-Based Dashboards

Real World Benefits and Best Practices to Assure Success

Originally Broadcast September 27, 2005

BPM 101

What is Business Performance Management and What are the Benefits?

Originally Broadcast May 4, 2005

Launching a BPM Initiative

10 Steps to Success

Originally Broadcast March 30 , 2005

Beyond the Hype 2005

An Unbiased Look at BPM Vendors and Trends

Originally Broadcast February 1, 2005

Keys to Successful KPI Development and Implementation

Originally Broadcast November 17, 2004

BPM/CPM for the Mid-Market Financial Services Firm

Originally Broadcast September 8, 2004

How to Build the Business Case for BPM

Taking BPM from Vision to Reality: Getting Your Initiative Off the Ground
Originally Broadcast July 28, 2004

BPM Strategies 2004

Online Conference and Expo
Originally Broadcast March 25, 2004 

Maximizing Performance Management ROI
Getting Your Requirements Right First

Online Virtual BPM Trade Show ran from January 21 - April 14, 2004

Beyond the Hype 2004
An Unbiased Look at BPM Vendors and Trends
Originally Broadcast January 8, 2004

BPM Consulting Guide Live!
The Truth about BPM Implementations


Beyond the Hype: The Truth About BPM Vendors 2003

Too many choices, not enough information?

BPM 101: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of BPM


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What's New in Performance Management


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The Next Key Requirement: Ease of Use

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